Using Lightning Components

In the past few months, Salesforce has successfully showed the capabilities of Lightning Experience and you, the diligent developer, are already on board with developing for Lightning Experience - with it's core being Lightning Components. (If not, don't fret, this Trailhead Trail should get you started) But now that you have developed a few neat… Continue reading Using Lightning Components


Agile Accelerator Basics

Ever wondered how huge companies like Salesforce manage to consistently release three major releases every year? How they are to manage their mind-boggling large scale development cycle, year after year, with negligible negative impact? Well, you're in luck because you are about to learn their secret (apart from highly talented teams, obviously) *drum roll* Agile.… Continue reading Agile Accelerator Basics

Big Objects for beginners

Anybody who has ever worked on Salesforce knows that Objects are the center of everything you do in Salesforce. They are the basic structures that contain all your data whether it's standard like Accounts and Opportunities or custom data that is specific to your business logic like that Candidate and Job Application object every Salesforce… Continue reading Big Objects for beginners